Maritime Services

We provide effective solutions for all technical, accountancy 
and insurance matters.

Our in-house insurance department provides a full claims management service from initial negotiation to final settlement – at all times adding value through our long-standing relationships with specialist brokers 
and underwriters.

Regulation Management

We are experts in arranging flag state registration for both new vessels and changes in flag.

  • We hold Documents of Compliance for a number of the major flag states and have trusted relationships with the relevant authorities
  • We keep you abreast of new regulations and flag state requirements and assist in ensuring that all our managed vessels comply 
with new legislation
  • We use Ideagen Quality Workbench software to identify non-conformities and ensure appropriate action is taken to achieve compliance


We have a trusted reputation in the insurance market.

  • We can obtain competitive quotations for Hull & Machinery, 
Loss of Hire, P&I and FD&D cover
  • Our in-house insurance department is able to take care of the management of all types of claims from initial negotiation 
to final settlement
  • We have first-class relationships with leading repair facilities, surveyors and service providers
  • We leverage relationships to reduce your costs and the time spent
on repairs to your vessel. Our close relationship with underwriters enables us to discuss each case openly to ensure the best result 
for you
  • We have access to additional covers such as Cash on Board, Crew Personal Effects and Spares In Transit. This can be extended to all vessels under our management


We provide solutions for all aspects of vessel accounting including budgeting, general accounting and cost control.

  • We operate a comprehensive Cost Analysis system which enables us to advise owners, vessel superintendents and purchasing staff on cost control
  • This allows you to enhance ROI and model future spend profiles